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FOMO is a thing, it is real and the energy of economics relies totally on the emotions of human nature.

People win and lose based on their emotional reactions to circumstances and this can be said about anything in life.

Propaganda, FUD and marketing all has an effect on your mind.

It is important when playing with your money and investments to ensure you have a long term vision and a calm approach because the markets, especially crypto, are full of auto bots and specific manipluation groups (pumper and dumps) that rely on you making trading mistakes.

Emotional mistakes.

One of those mistakes is buying on a high during a deliberate pump of a specific crypto.

There are two types of pump groups.

  1. One that is short and fast as they don’t really have a lot of money to influence the market to any degree and they try to get others involved to help their cause. These groups will pump from within a short period of time say 2 to 6 hours based on their total capital and infrastructure. In and out approach.
  2. Then you have the big group with 100 million to play with and a team of auto bots, software and a strategy that involves manipulating prices via sell and buy walls over a period of time. Pre-determined profit % and a very specific strategy on the bleed which can take days to weeks to unfold to ensure the best selling average is obtained.  Buying and selling their own position to hyper-inflate the price over a one, two or even three day period. Sometimes even longer which I felt we saw happen with Ripple in its early stages. This pump is very well structured and will attract numerous FOMO applicants who simply can’t resist buying as the 100%+ short gains are too hard to resist.

Emotions take over good judgement.

Digibyte in my opinion is having their ecosystem manipulated as I write this article on the 24th July 2017 simply because it is a moment when the crypto itself has no reason to be moving in such a manufactured and non organic way.

A pump hidden and stretched over a series of days.

Of all weeks to see growth it is very fishy and I have been analysing the 8 BTC buy wall that has been systematically moving up and down the chart for the last 36 hours creating flows and enforcing prices within a certain range whilst protecting themselves from a sudden 24+ sats sell off that would require over 20BTC to have any effect.  I can see you!!

The only reason I am doing this article is sharing with you a moment, a perspective, creating awareness and opening up a discussion on the possibilities that the crypto market may become more and more manipulated in the future as certain interest groups focus on certain coins, time and moments.

Be aware to always take a step back and do your research before buying into any investment.

Don’t buy on FOMO as you will bleed and if you do just be prepared to be in the red while the market corrects.

Invest on genuine fundamentals and invest with long term objectives.

Not investment advice…..just my perspective.

What do you think is hidden amongst the numbers?

~ Sebastian


SOURCES: All words in my post are my own including rights to all images and music where relevant. Videos are also linked to their relative sources.

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