Please watch my video for my perspective and review.

What is a trend and what is a market influenced injection of capital with a premise of short term profit?

Are they connected and are they considered to be the same thing?

I don’t.

It all comes down to the intent of the event itself.

We do live in trading world so we will see ups and downs and we will see manipulations.

I get that.

That is the game and if you are a day trader that is the risk you take playing the fast and furious ‘trends”.

The buy wall marker of 8.1826 BTC – 1266650 DGB. Has been there for 4 days straight.

If the intent of any major capital injection, in or out of the market, regardless of the timeframe it takes to fulfil, is based on the fundamentals of the entity and for the long term investment and success of a company you could call this a trend as it shows confidence or discontent in the investment.

If the movement, the volume and the market cap fluctuates over short periods of time where we see an aggressive influx in price with a strategic  pull back and bleed strategy.

What is the point of the video?

Awareness, for those who may not see all the ebs and flows and are playing a trading game they don’t understand.

Play the long game, learn what trading is or don’t play at all.


~ Sebastian


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About Coach Sebastian
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