One of the best ways to obtain true cardiovascular fitness, burn that stubborn visceral fat and improve your dynamic movements is via interval training.

Align this with your filtered structured and vitalised water program and a nutrient dense food with ZERO man made additives and processed sugars and you are on the road to awesomeness.

Food (energy) in its various forms is your medicine, so be sure to start embracing real food, sunlight and structured water as these will keep you alive for longer.

Interval training is essentially a short and sharp high intensity program focusing on an increased heart rate, in bursts, of over 85% max heart rate with limited and times rest periods.

Example: 30 seconds on / 10 seconds off.

This heart rate can be determined by simple maths of 220 minus your age as a basic guide however this will also have some variables based on the individual, your current fitness level, medical conditions, and general movement capacity.

Example: 220 – 43 years of age = 177 Max Heart Rate

85% of 177 = 150 approx.

It is a guide that works and the goal is to establish better recovery rates over time.

Over time I will start to do some videos to explain some more complex skills so you can learn the names and terminology.

If in doubt we have Google to help us out.

Below is a simple workout anyone can do at home however if you have not trained in a while I suggest taking it slow and easy to build up some confidence and conditioning to avoid DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) which is very normal in the first 3 to 4 sessions after a break from movement or training. Take pressure off yourself and take your time.

Consistency and scaled intensity is the key here.


  1. 10 Squats
  2. 10 Lunges
  3. 10 Spidermans
  4. 10 Hydrants
  5. 20 Jumping Jacks

Workout: 30/10 – 6 Rounds

  1. Set1: Squats / Lunge
  2. Set 2: Pushups / Mountain Climbers
  3. Set 3: High Knees / Boot To Glute
  4. Set 4: 20m Shuttle Run / Squat Jumps
  5. Repeat all

Floor Work:

  1. 30 Second Plank
  2. 20 Second Side Plank (Left & Right)
  3. Repeat 3 Times

Warm Down: 

  1. Stretch
  2. Roller & Ball – Self Myofacial Release (SMR) < Look it up if you don’t know what this is yet.

Stay tuned for more fitness tips and videos.

Remember the best method is the one you enjoy the most.

Keep things simple.

Have fun and always seek to learn something new.

If you enjoy your training it has a better chance of being sustainable and you are more likely to repeat the behaviour.

Find your crew and stick with them.

Have a great day and keep moving and grooving and I hope this blog adds value to your training and life.




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About Coach Sebastian
About Coach Sebastian
Sebastian is considered a serial entrepreneur starting his first business at the age of 12 and enjoying the challenges of business for over 30 years.

He has a passion for creation and believes strongly in process, self awareness, and diligent planning and is here to make an impact in your life.

Sebastian is the Founder and CEO of 6 startup companies and has travelled to over 24+ countries with the aim of self exploration.

He has also dedicated his most recent stage in life to coaching people towards better lives via his coaching & gym network.

He has played world cups in his sport at the top level for his country and is discovering more about himself each day via the diversity of information and opportunities available to him.

Sebastian now seeks to guide and support more people towards better living and high states of awareness.

"A movement towards a #betterLIFE" ~ Sebastian

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